Russian Polar Initiative Leadership

Russian Polar Initiative logo 1Russian Polar Initiative Leadership: Nikita Kuprikov (Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), head of the national committee), Alexey Pavlov (Norwegian Polar Institute, active member), Ivan Dubinenkov (APECS ExCom, active member).

APECS Russia community was formed in 2009 and is led by young and enthusiastic group of polar researchers from different parts of Russia: from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow to Murmansk and Vladivostok in strong cooperation with active members who study and work abroad, and who help and significantly contribute to the activities of the National Committee providing the direct link to the international community of young polar researchers.

In March 2015 APECS Russia was renewed and reorganized in form of NGO and named as Russian NGO «Polar Initiative» (Russian Polar Initiative). Russian Polar Initiative aims in bringing together undergraduate and graduate students, early career professionals, mentors, and senior researchers interested and working in polar regions. Russian Polar Initiative stimulates the dialogue among early career polar professionals to identify the most relevant and urgent information, skills and knowledge.

Currently there are more than 200 members within the Russian Polar Initiative — Russian National Committee of APECS. Members of the Russian Polar Initiative community actively contribute to the international office of the APECS where they served and currently serve as Council and Executive Committee members, have participated in the running of the international directorate of APECS. Members and representatives of Russian Polar Initiative community are attending large polar-oriented conferences, participate in international organizations and boards.

In March 2015 as part of the workshop for early career polar scientists, the Russian Polar Initiative discussed and prepared the Letter of Agreement with the APECS International, which was signed during the first APECS World Summit in Sofia, Bulgaria.</>

Members of Russian Polar Initiative community actively work on partnerships with other national committees, with national and international polar-oriented organizations and boards (e.g. INTERACT, IASC, PYRN, EGEA etc.). Members of Russian Polar Initiative regularly represent APECS on international and national conferences, workshops, roundtables and summits.

Our Priorities and Aims:
— to unite early career polar researchers from Russia
— to foster integration of Russian polar community into the international society of polar researchers
— to provide information on career opportunities and perspectives for early career scientists
— to establish a dialogue between the young and senior researchers

Our past, ongoing and planned Russian Polar Initiative programs include:

Online Presence and Outreach Projects:
— We actively maintain our social media presence with the account name @RussianPolar: in VK (213 followers), Facebook (142 followers), Twitter (213 followers) and have recently launched an instagram account.
— Currently the web-site ( is under development, which will serve as a platform for interaction and as an information source for Russian early career polar researchers
— «Popular Science: Arctic, Antarctica, Climate» (@pop_nauka), the outreach resource which aiming at communication and popularization of polar research to the general public has been maintained as one of the outreach projects of Russian Polar Initiative.

Networking projects and opportunities:
— Self-organized workshops and seminars.
— Presence on national and international polar-related conferences
— National Committee representatives in national and international organizations and boards
— Teleconferences and webinars for young polar scientists

2014-2015 Activities

Arctic Days. Arctic Days is a federal Arctic forum on variety of topics and was held in Moscow. Problems and perspectives of young polar researchers and specialists were addressed during a special section of the forum. Vice-president of APECS, Ivan Dubinenkov gave a presentation where he highlighted the major activities and projects of APECS International and the Russian national committee of APECS. As a result, APECS received attention in media and on federal TV channels.

Round table for early career polar researchers in Lomonosov Moscow State University: This event brought together members and mentors of APECS in Russia, representatives of partner organizations (IASC, EGEA, INTERACT, PYRN), students, early career and senior researchers interested and working in polar regions. The APECS Russian committee changed its name to «Russian Polar Initiative». The newly established organization was recognized as the APECS national committee in Russia with new open opportunities to operate as officially registered non-profit organization.
Maintenance of the successful educational and outreach project — «Arctic, Antarctic and Climate». This project was established and maintained by Alexey Pavlov and shows interesting issues and topics of the polar research, demonstrates life and challenges of polar researchers in the expeditions.

Summer 2015: a series of the interviews with early-career polar researchers was organized. The major aim of this initiative was to illustrate the needs and advantages of polar researchers, to attract the attention of media and government to early career scientists, to interest scholars and students in polar-related activities. These interviews will be published starting from fall 2015.