Участники с Японской стороны

 Name Affiliation Position Title of presentation
1 Ayumi Kotani Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences,  Nagoya University  Assistant Professor Water and CO2 flux observation at larch forests in eastern Siberia and response of forest ecosystem to waterlogging
2 Shunsuke Tei  Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University  Researcher Spatio-temporal variation of forest ecosystem response to climate changes in eastern Siberia; a multiple approach using field observations, satellite images and a vegetation model
3 Shin Nagai Department of Environmental Geochemical Cycle Research,
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
 Senior scientist Outlook for the global phenological studies based on in situ and satellite observations
4 Masahito Ueyama Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences,
Osaka Prefecture University
 Associate Professor Greenhouse gas and energy exchange between biosphere and atmosphere at Alaska
5 Hiroki Iwata Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science
Shinshu University
 Assistant Professor Carbon and water exchange studies of black spruce forests in Interior Alaska
6 Ryuhei Yoshida  Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science, Fukushima University  Lecturer Regional climate studies associated with land use/land cover change
7 Yumiko Miyamoto  Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University  Researcher Effects of permafrost thaw on carbon stock in Siberian forest soils
8 Naoya Kanna  Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University  Researcher Ocean observations at the ice-ocean interface of the marine-terminating glacier in the northwest Greenland (The Arctic Challenge for Sustainability project, ArCS)
9 Yuka Oishi Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University  Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Possible road to good use of indigenous knowledge to protect migratory fish as common resources in the lower Ob’ River and its tributaries
10 Ryo Shingubara Graduate School of Environmental Science,  Hokkaido University Ph.D student Multi-year effect of wetting on CH4 flux at Indigirka Lowland in Northeastern Siberia
11 Shinya Takano Graduate School of Environmental Science,  Hokkaido University Ph.D student Soil moisture and surface hydrological processes on permafrost in Indigirka river lowland of eastern Siberia
12 Tomoki Morozumi Graduate School of Environmental Science,  Hokkaido University Ph.D student Remote sensing for vegetation in eastern Sibeira
13 Narumi Tahara School of Environmental Sciences and Technology,
Osaka Prefecture University
 Master student Successional change of ecophysiological variables after wild fires in boreal forests of North America
14 Minoru Nakatsubo Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences,  Nagoya University  Master student Vegetation mapping for up-scaling of local CH4 emission in Taiga-Tundra boundary, Eastern Siberia
15 Yuki Kanno Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University Ph.D student Polar cold air mass and cold air outbreak studies.
16 Dai Yamawaki Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University Ph.D student The Exploitation-Preservation Dilemma: Economic possibility of energy industries in the Russian Arctic and environmental burdens